Modafinil (Provigil)

Modafinil Review

Modafinil is a popular prescription “smart drug” specifically designed to boost energy and focus. It’s typically prescribed to people who are having trouble falling asleep. However, it can also be used to improve productivity when studying or working.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is officially a prescription drug. Typically, doctors will not prescribe Modafinil unless you suffer from narcolepsy or sleep apnea.

However, you can purchase Modafinil online without a prescription under certain brand names. Brands like Provigil, Alertec, Modiodal, Modapro, and Sun Pharma Modalert all sell slightly modified versions of Modafinil.

Where Did Modafinil Come From?

Modafinil was developed in the 1970s by a French professor named Michel Jouvet. In 1986, it was clinically tested as an experimental treatment for narcolepsy. Modafinil proved successful in early testing and soon entered the market as a commercial pharmaceutical.

American biopharmaceutical company Cephalon was one of the first to commercialize modafinil. Founded in 1987, Cephalon is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and owns the intellectual property rights to Provigil.

Today, modafinil remains a popular prescription for those who suffer from sleep apnea or narcolepsy. Over the years, it has also been used by soldiers, night shift workers, and anyone else who needs to stay alert and focused for long periods of time.

In the United States, Canada, and online, Modafinil is marketed as “Alertec”. Alertec is a less expensive version of Provigil – although the two products use virtually identical formulas. You may also be able to find generic Modafinil online and in-store.

It’s worth nothing that Cephalon does like to aggressively defend its intellectual property rights. Since 2011, the company has defended its modafinil patent with lawsuits, making it more difficult to find generic versions of the drug.

How Does Modafinil Work?

Modafinil works by stimulating the peripheral sympathetic system. It’s also thought to affect the central nervous system – although oddly enough, this function is not fully understood.

One of the main areas affected by modafinil is the anterior hypothalamus nucleus, which plays a critical role in regulating our natural sleep cycles.

What we do know about modafinil is that it significantly increases concentrations of dopamine. Dopamine, as you may already know, is a powerful neurotransmitter which regulates motor function, mood, cognitive ability, and other critical aspects of our psyche.

None of these functions explain the increased alertness of modafinil. That function is thought to come from the neurotransmitter anandamide. Modafinil likely increases anandamide levels, which helps to regulate sleep even further – especially when used in conjunction with the anterior hypothalamus nucleus. Some studies have also suggested that modafinil increases the levels of glutamate in your brain by reducing the amount of GABA.

One interesting thing about modafinil’s functionality is that when we take it, histamine activity rises. This is thought to be caused by the active ingredient in modafinil, which is actually called “modafinil”.

Finally, modafinil also affects peptides in the brain known as “orexins.” When orexins are activated, dopamine and histamine levels rise. This is important because many narcoleptics and insomniacs have problems with their orexin receptors. By targeting these receptors, modafinil can effectively cure these conditions.

Benefits of Modafinil

Modafinil comes with a diverse range of cognitive benefits. As far as smart drugs go, it’s actually pretty unique. The effects tend to last longer than most nootropics. And, since modafinil affects so many different areas of the brain, it’s one of the most multifunctional smart drugs on the market. Here are its primary benefits:

Improved Mood: Many users report feeling an improved mood while taking modafinil. Most researchers have attributed this to the surge of dopamine that enters your system during use.

10 to 12 Hours Of Wakefulness: If you’re taking modafinil, make sure you don’t plan on falling asleep in the next 12 to 15 hours. Even small doses of modafinil will keep you wired for long periods of time. So if you’re taking this stuff at night, don’t expect to fall asleep until well after daybreak.

Increased Focus: Much like caffeine, modafinil provides a more focused state. This focused state, combined with the wakefulness effects of modafinil, make this one of the most productive smart drugs on the market today.

Enhance And Retain Cognitive Function: It’s been suggested that modafinil can hone and sharpen cognitive functionality, improving logical thinking. Out of all the modafinil benefits, this is the one we understand the least. However, it may have something to do with the increased levels of glutamate and dopamine in our brain.

More Regulated Sleep Patterns: Modafinil is often prescribed for people who suffer from narcolepsy, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. If you’re fighting to regulate your sleep patterns, then a doctor may issue a modafinil prescription.

How to Use Modafinil

Modafinil can be taken orally on a full or empty stomach. Most doctors recommend taking modafinil in the morning. However, if you’re taking modafinil to stay awake at night – say, if you’re doing shift work or pulling an all-nighter for school, then it’s recommended you take modafinil one hour before your shift starts.

When you first take modafinil, start with the minimum recommended dosage. Even in small dosages, the effects of modafinil can be quite noticeable. And at lower dosages, you can also avoid some annoying side effects.

As for specific dosage, it’s recommended that you take one 200mg dose of modafinil per day. A single 200mg dose should last for up to 12 or 15 hours. If you want to fall asleep at a normal time, you should avoid taking modafinil after midday.

If you’re cycling modafinil, you may want to adjust your dosage throughout the week. Some people develop the following cycle to avoid developing a tolerance: Take 100mg on Monday, 150mg on Wednesday, and 200mg on Friday.

Ultimately, I strongly recommend you follow the labeled directions on your modafinil. Consult with a doctor before taking modafinil or any other nootropic medication.

Modafinil Side Effects

Side effects of modafinil are fairly typical for nootropics, in that there aren’t many serious side effects. In fact modafinil is incredibly safe and effective when used as directed. No dangerous side effects have been reported at this point.

However, some users report mild symptoms while taking modafinil. Those symptoms include nausea, lack of appetite, headaches, nervousness, and hypertension.

Modafinil isn’t the right choice for everybody. Since modafinil contains mild stimulants, it’s not recommended for those with existing heart problems. The same holds true for anyone with high blood pressure, liver problems, or mental health concerns. In any case, you should talk to your doctor before taking modafinil in order to avoid experiencing any complications.

Buy Modafinil Supplements Online

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about modafinil, you may be ready to buy. If so, then you can get a prescription for modafinil from any doctor. Doctors typically prescribe modafinil for sleeplessness, insomnia, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy. Fortunately, when ordering certain modafinil brands online, you do not need a prescription. Today’s most popular modafinil brands include Provigil and Alertec. You may also encounter Modiodal, Modapro, and Sun Pharma Modalert online.


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