Noopept Review

Noopept is one of the most popular smart drugs on the market today. Its effects are similar to most racetams. Noopept, however, is considered a peptide – not a racetam.

What is Noopept?


Being a peptide gives Noopept a number of advantages over other nootropics. The most important benefit is its high bioavailability. Noopept is easily absorbed into your bloodstream to cross the blood-brain barrier. This high bioavailability makes Noopept as much as 1000 times (!) stronger than Piracetam.

In terms of benefits, Noopept increases memory and boosts neuron growth. You can learn things more quickly and recall that information more easily at a later date. Its powerful neuroprotective properties have also been known to create intense focus while also treating anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, and irritability, among other conditions.

Where Did Noopept Come From?

Noopept has an interesting history. It was developed in Soviet-era Cold War Russia during the 1970s by a company called JSC LEKKO. To this day, Noopept is a popular prescription drug in Russia and its neighboring countries. Doctors prescribe Noopept to treat anxiety, stress, and degenerative brain conditions.

In 1995, an entrepreneur filed a patent for Noopept in the United States. The rising popularity of nootropics made Noopept an attractive product. Today, you can buy Noopept across the United States just like you would buy any nutritional supplement.

It’s important to note that Noopept has not yet been tested by two major western regulating bodies: the FDA and the European Medicines Agency have neither approved nor disproved the use of Noopept. Please note that this is the case for most nootropics.

How Does Noopept Work?

Noopept works in a similar way to most racetams because it targets the acetylcholine system. It specifically targets NDMA and AMPA receptor sites, which helps them more easily absorb neurotransmitters. These receptor sites process neurotransmitters more efficiently, leading to sharper focus and greater cognitive clarity.

Most racetams work in a similar way. Noopept, however, has the added advantage of targeting glutamate transmission in the brain. Noopept inhibits the breakdown of glutamate. The glutamatergic system – which processes glutamate in the brain – is thought to play a critical role in intelligence, learning, memory, and other cognitive processes.

Noopept comes with one final advantage: it increases glucose metabolism. That means your brain can more easily access the vitamins, nutrients, and oxygen it needs when it needs them. These compounds are carried through the bloodstream. Higher glucose metabolism enhances mental clarity and focus while also boosting your energy.

It’s also important to note that Noopept is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. Once digested, it quickly reaches the blood-brain barrier, at which point you’ll begin to feel the effects.

Benefits of Noopept

We’ve already hinted at these benefits above, but I’ll outline them more clearly in this section. Noopept is a very potent nootropic that provides benefits similar to racetams – but is many times more powerful.

Here are some of the key benefits of Noopept:

Improved Memory: Noopept increases your ability to learn new information and then recall that information at a later date. This means you process information more quickly while also being able to easily remember that information in the future.

Increased Mental Energy: We’ve all experienced mental fatigue at some point – usually around 3pm on an average workday. Noopept has been shown to boost mental energy, providing enhanced clarity while improving attention span and focus.

Detoxify The Brain And Increase Nerve Growth: One of the underreported benefits of Noopept is its ability to act as a neuroprotectant. That fancy word means that Noopept works like an antioxidant, targeting free radicals and other toxins in the brain. Detoxifying the brain increases the lifespan of cells, enhances nerve growth, and improves overall brain health.

Enhance Brain Communication: Noopept directly improves NDMA and AMPA receptors in the brain, facilitating communication between neurons and synaptic pathways. This also speeds up communication across the corpus callosum, which connects the two hemispheres of your brain.

Repair Damaged Brain Cells: Noopept reduces the degeneration of brain cells. In fact, recent scientific reports have shown that lab rats exhibit nerve growth after being treated with Noopept – which could make Noopept a valuable weapon in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

How to Use Noopept

Noopept is a powerful nootropic, so you only need a small dose. You should also avoid stacking Noopept with other powerful nootropics – especially if you’re a beginner.

Always stick to the recommended dosage instructions on your Noopept. Most people choose to mix the powder with water, although some people take Noopept “sublingually” by placing it under their tongue. This can enhance its bioavailability – not that you really need to make Noopept more powerful.

Start with a 5mg dosage of Noopept. Take it three times per day. If you’re a beginner, you’ll quickly feel even that small amount. Slowly increase your dosage over time to reach a total of 10mg to 30mg over the course of a day.

Do not exceed 60mg of Noopept in a 24 hour period, as this can overstimulate your Glutamate receptors and increase your likelihood of side effects. See below for more information about Noopept side effects.

I wouldn’t recommend stacking Noopept with a racetam or any other nootropic. However, I would recommend stacking it with a choline supplement – especially if you start to notice yourself getting headaches while taking Noopept. Citicoline and Alpha GPC are two popular choline supplements.

As with any nootropic or pharmaceutical, talk to your doctor before using Noopept. You should also avoid taking Noopept if you’re pregnant or have an existing heart or liver condition.

Possible Side Effects

Noopept has very low toxicity. When taken at low dosages, it’s generally safe for most people to use. However, common side effects include fatigue, nausea, headaches, and insomnia.

Like any nootropic, you need to respect the dosage instructions. If you experience side effects at low dosage, levels, then consider using a choline supplement to “soften” the harsh edge of Noopept.

Ultimately, Noopept has been through numerous clinical trials over the years, and all of those clinical trials have deemed Noopept safe to use. As long as you stick within the recommended daily dose – and start off small before working your way up – you’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits of Noopept while limiting risk.

Buy Noopept Supplements Online

Ready to buy Noopept for yourself? Ordering online is your best option. Noopept is difficult to find in retail stores. Ordering online is convenient and easy. It’s also more affordable than buying in-store: online retailers avoid the high overhead costs of retail space, and they pass those savings onto consumers. If you’re lucky, your Noopept may even arrive at your door within 24 hours. If you want to see if Noopept lives up to the hype, then order it online today.


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