What is Phenylpiracetam?

Phenylpiracetam is a racetam-class nootropic that was first developed in Russia. It’s considered both a cognitive enhancer and a stimulant, which means users can enjoy a number of powerful cognitive and energy-boosting benefits.

The reason it’s called “Phenylpiracetam” is because it’s a Piracetam compound with a Phenyl group added on. The addition of the phenyl group increases the bioavailability of this nootropic, which means it can more easily cross the blood-brain barrier. It also means you feel the effects more quickly.

All of these benefits mean that Phenylpiracetam is approximately 20 to 60 times more potent than the original Piracetam. It also works in slightly different ways: it acts as a stimulant by affecting the central nervous system, for example, which means it can be used as both a mental and physical energy booster.

History of Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam was developed throughout the 1980s and 1990s in Russia. Russian government scientists initially published research on the drug back in 1983 in Soviet medical journals. After the fall of the Soviet Union, research continued on the drug. Eventually, Russia began giving Phenylpiracetam to its astronauts and military forces to enhance their productivity.

Astronauts and soldiers aren’t the only ones benefiting from Phenylpiracetam: the supplement has also been used by athletes to enhance their mental and physical performance. As a result, Phenylpiracetam is on the list of banned substances covered by the World Anti-Doping Agency – a list which applies to most major sports.

Clearly, Phenylpiracetam has a more interesting history than most other racetams. Today, Phenylpiracetam is currently used as a prescription drug around the world – including Russia. More and more research is being done on Phenylpiracetam every year, and it’s shown promising results when improving cognitive performance, physical skills, memory retention, and somatic issues. It could also be used as a treatment for strokes and epilepsy.

How Does Phenylpiracetam Work?

Phenylpiracetam is sold as both a powder and a pill. On a fundamental level, its mechanisms are very similar to the mechanisms of Piracetam. That makes sense, because both nootropics share a similar chemical structure.

However, the addition of the “phenyl” group turns Piracetam into Phenylpiracetam. That leads to some other more important changes. Phenyl increases the bioavailability of the compound, which means it hits your bloodstream more quickly and acts more powerfully. It means you can absorb the maximum number of compounds within Phenylpiracetam without wasting anything.

Once Phenylpiracetam hits your brain, the magic truly starts to happen. Phenylpiracetam binds itself to acetylcholine and glutamate receptors – something that every racetam also does. Binding to these receptors increases the effectiveness of the cholinergic and glutamatergic systems – both of which play a critical role in the formation of new memories. As levels of these neurotransmitters increase, your learning capacity grows.

Of course, Phenylpiracetam doesn’t stop there. After crossing the blood-brain barrier, Phenylpiracetam promotes your body’s natural production of dopamine and GABA – two neurotransmitters that make us “feel good.” Our bodies release dopamine when we run, which is why we get a “runner’s high”. Dopamine is also released whenever the body has achieved a reward. It’s the body’s natural reward system.

GABA, on the other hand, inhibits the deterioration of serotonin. That means serotonin stays in our system longer, boosting our mood and inspiring a feeling of calmness and relaxation. So not only do you feel better about yourself, but you also feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Ultimately, Phenylpiracetam has powerful cognitive and mood-boosting benefits. The mechanisms behind these improvements aren’t totally clear. We do know, however, that Phenylpiracetam affects acetylcholine, glutamate, serotonin, and GABA systems within the body.

Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam has some powerful benefits. We’ve already hinted at those benefits above, but they’re worth another mention here. Phenylpiracetam has long been used as a way to improve cognition while also boosting mood and reducing stress. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Improved Memory: Like all racetams, Phenylpiracetam boosts your memory by targeting the cholinergic system. Acetylcholine transfers new knowledge to the long-term information centers of your brain, which aids the learning process
Better Learning Ability: Understandably, this benefit goes hand in hand with “improved memory”. Phenylpiracetam leads to a higher level of focus and concentration while also aiding the memory formation process. The end result is a better overall learning ability.

Better Mental Energy: Since Phenylpiracetam targets glutamate receptors, users often report feeling better energy and motivation. Of course, Phenylpiracetam is also a stimulant, which means you can increase your mental and physical energy while taking it.

Reduced Stress And Anxiety: Unlike any other racetam in the world, Phenylpiracetam can actually reduce stress and promote a feeling of calmness.

These effects occur due to the enhanced productivity of GABA, which in turn inhibits serotonin production, as well as the higher levels of dopamine, which is the body’s “reward” neurotransmitter.

These powerful cognitive, mood-boosting, and energy-enhancing benefits make Phenylpiracetam one of the most popular Piracetams in the world today.

How to Use Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam comes in the form of a powder or capsule. The powder gives you greater flexibility in terms of dosage, while the capsules are convenient and easy-to-take. It’s up to you to decide which one meets your needs best – although both are readily available online.

In any case, the recommended dose of Phenylpiracetam is 100mg to 200mg doses, two to three times per day, for a total daily intake of 200mg to 600mg. As you can see, this dosage is significantly less than the dosage for Piracetam and other racetams. That’s because Phenylpiracetam is significantly more powerful.

Whether you’re taking 100mg per day or 200mg per day, you will develop a tolerance to Phenylpiracetam when you take it over long periods of time. I recommend cycling on and off the racetam in order to enjoy long-term benefits. For example, take it for one week, then cycle off it the next week or two.

Phenylpiracetam Side Effects

Despite its high potency and powerful benefits, Phenylpiracetam doesn’t have too many reported side effects. However, the side effects are still worth mentioning.

Like all racetams, Phenylpiracetam has the potential to give users headaches. These headaches are caused by a choline-deficient diet. Phenylpiracetam and all racetams require high levels of choline (which the body uses to produce acetylcholine). When your body can’t access the choline it needs, it may cause headaches.

Aside from headaches, there are few credible reports of Phenylpiracetam side effects. Some users report feeling nausea, insomnia, and irritability, although these effects are rare. Additionally, there are no known reports of complications with other drugs.

That being said, Phenylpiracetam does contain stimulating properties, which means it’s not ideal for those who have existing heart defects or cardiovascular conditions. Before taking Phenylpiracetam – or any supplement – talk to a medical professional for advice.

Buying Phenylpiracetam Supplements Online

Phenylpiracetam is legal throughout the world, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In fact, Phenylpiracetam seems to face less regulation and scrutiny than other nootropics. You can actually find Phenylpiracetam at some pharmacies and drugstores, where it can easily be purchased without a prescription.

Phenylpiracetam remains a prescription medication in Russia and some parts of the world. It’s sold under the name “Phenotropil” and is commonly prescribed for a variety of neural conditions and cognitive disorders.

Ultimately, I recommend buying Phenylpiracetam online. A number of online drug stores have popped up over the last few years to address the demand coming from North America and other parts of the world. They offer convenient shipping and more affordable prices than most drug stores when purchasing Phenylpiracetam online.

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