Synagen IQ Core Focus Nootropic Smart Drug

Synagen IQ Core Focus Review

If you haven’t heard of nootropics yet, you might be interested to know that there’s an entire class of supplements out there designed to make you smarter. They usually contain ingredients from nature, combined with food substances… Think “ginkgo biloba” or “Panax ginseng”.

Synagen IQ Core Focus Nootropic

Synagen IQ

And if you’re already familiar with “smart drugs”, perhaps you’ve heard of Synagen IQ. It’s also a nootropic which promises an exciting array of mental benefits, including eye-popping actions like:

— Supporting Both Short And Long Term Memory
Enhancing Cognitive Performance
— Increasing Energy Levels
— Synergizing Your Brain
Imparting Clarity And Focus To Your Brain
— Helping You Focus

But do nootropics work, and does Synagen IQ Core Focus do what it says it does?

A lot of people believe they experience such results through products like this, and have been for years. The ingredients in many nootropics have been subjected to years of study. Sometimes lab studies support their mental improvement claims, while in some other cases there doesn’t seem to be a lot of science going on… just anecdotal evidence that’s passed around on the forums.

According to their proponents, supposedly, they work. Legally, the FDA isn’t aware of them. Medically, they’re somewhat tested. Practically speaking when it comes to the fascinating and rapidly developing world of Nootropics, it’s new Wild Wild West .

Let’s see how Synagen IQ fits into the nootropic world, and where it fits into the marketplace as far as being a good product which both adds value to consumers’ lives and offers a safe product.

The Company

The company that makes Synagen IQ is headquartered in Las Vegas. Their address is listed as 3960 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 500
Las Vegas, NV 89169 …the same address used by “Global Silica, Inc.”, which sells diatomaceous earth/amorphous silica from one of the largest reserves of DE in the world.

But that’s not all…in fact according to Bizapedia, 164 companies have been listed at the same address!

Unless you’re going to invest in the company, however, this hardly matters. Onto the more important issues…science, effectiveness, and safety.

The Science Of Synagen IQ

Synagen IQ Core Focus is made of all natural ingredients which the company claims are 100% safe. The FDA doesn’t step in on this end, as they deem nootropics to be “nutritional supplements” and therefore not regulated by the drug agency.

Of course this means that companies like Synagen can’t make any claims about their products offering the same benefits as FDA-approved drugs.

But that doesn’t mean products like the Core Focus don’t have measurable results on people. The companies are regulated on their marketing techniques, however. They’re not allowed to make claims about product safety that aren’t true. They’re also required to properly and correctly label their products.

Speak to anyone in the US and chances are they’re fully willing to give nootropics a try, regulated or not. And products like Synagen IQ are currently being swept off the proverbial shelves (they’re sold online, mostly) regardless of the FDA’s stance on nootropics. Chalk it up to distrust of the big drug companies and years of inability to afford health care, causing millions to take health matters into their own hands.

Combine that with our increasing desire to get off prescription drugs, and nootropics are a dream come true for everyone from kids who have trouble focusing in college to the older generation who feels it’s time to bolster up their brains before serious old age sets in and they can’t remember to take out the trash any longer.

Reddit seems to be the only place one can get real information about people actually using nootropics, and a quick perusal will reveal that yes indeed, it’s possible to see the kind of results that Synagen IQ Core Focus claims to deliver.

The Verdict About Synagen IQ Core Focus

While it’s tough to say specifically whether Synagen IQ Core Focus works because they don’t list their ingredients on their website, it’s completely feasible that their product claims are true. They claim safety and effectiveness that’s based on common principles of brain health, and they offer a full refund if customers are not satisfied. There’s an actual phone number to call, and they’re based in the US, which is where returns go and where headquarters are located.