Sunifiram Review

Sunifiram is one of the newest smart drugs on the market today. Although it’s steadily growing in popularity, it’s not quite as well-known as other smart drugs like Noopept.

What is Sunifiram?

Sunifiram is considered to be an Ampakine. It’s specifically designed to increase attention span, improve decision making, and enhance learning abilities and memory. This powerful cognitive enhancer is often compared to Piracetam – although it’s much more potent in comparison.

Some people say Noopept is 1000 times more potent than Piracetam. People say the same things about Sunifiram, which is why it’s suddenly become so popular. The high potency combined with the powerful cognitive benefits and limited side effects have led some people to call Sunifiram one of the best smart drugs available today.

Where Did Sunifiram Come From?

Sunifiram is a newcomer to the smart drugs scene. It was first synthetized in 2000. In early clinical studies, Sunifiram showed positive results as a memory booster and focus-enhancing cognitive supplement.

If Sunifiram was first discovered in 2000, why are you only hearing about it now? Well, Sunifiram only became commercially available within the last year or so, which is why it’s suddenly receiving a growing amount of media attention both online and offline.

Today, Sunifiram is the most popular Ampakine among casual nootropic users. It lacks the long history of clinical research we see with other nootropics. However, if you believe the thousands of reviews posted online about Sunifiram, then it may be the miracle “productivity” smart drug we’ve all been looking for.

How Does Sunifiram Work?

Sunifiram works in a similar way to racetams. Both racetams and Sunifiram affect similar receptors in the brain. The reason we call Sunifiram an “Ampakine” instead of a racetam is because it stimulates AMPA receptors. AMPA receptors regulate glutamate in the brain.

Glutamate facilitates neurotransmission, which has powerful wide-ranging effects on cognition. Expect to enjoy better memory, better focus, and improved mental energy while taking Sunifiram. In many cases, people with poor attention spans simply have low glutamate levels in the brain.

At the same time, Sunifiram also stimulates acetylcholine production. Acetylcholine enhances our perception, memory, learning, and focus and facilitates communication between the two hemispheres in the brain.

Benefits of Sunifiram

Sunifiram provides powerful wide-ranging cognitive enhancing effects. Whether you’re looking for better focus or improved memory, Sunifiram may be worth a try. Here are some of the benefits you can expect while using Sunifiram:

Improved Energy Levels And Motivation: In addition to boosting your energy, Sunifiram enhances your mood and motivation levels by reducing dopamine deterioration in your brain. Many people need more than just a memory and focus boost – they also need a motivation boost. Sunifiram is one of the few smart drugs that will provide that boost.

Increased Concentration: Want to focus more at the task at hand? One of Sunifiram’s most well-known effects is that it reduces your ability to be distracted by external stimuli. This is why it’s a popular nootropic on college campuses and at competitive workplaces.

Improved Short-term Or Working Memory: Sunifiram was first designed to be a memory boosting cognitive enhancer. Early clinical studies have shown a link between Sunifiram usage and improved short-term memory – also known as your working memory. Some users report hearing information once and then recalling it hours later – something they’re typically not able to do.

Reduce Anxiety: Sunifiram has powerful anxiolytic benefits, relieving stress and reducing anxiety. Obviously, the less stressed and anxious you are, the better you can focus on the task at hand.

How to Use Sunifiram

Sunifiram is one of the most potent smart drugs on the market today and it should be taken carefully in small doses – especially if you’re a beginner. When you order Sunifiram, it comes in the form of a powder.

Start with the smallest recommended dose on your packaging – which is typically 3mg to 4mg.

There are two ways to take Sunifiram: stirring it into a glass of water or taking it “sublingually”, or under your tongue (you’ll notice a minor fizzing or tingling sensation, just like if you were to put a strong breath mint under your tongue). Sublingual dosages tend to be stronger and go to work more quickly. You’ll know the drug has gone to work when you start feeling a stimulating effect similar to Adderall.

As you get more experienced with Sunifiram, increase your dosage to 5mg or 8mg (which is the average dose for experienced users). Only do this if you’ve been taking Sunifiram for more than a week at lower dosages. Never exceed 10mg per day – especially since the long-term effects of Sunifiram are still being studied.

When ordering Sunifiram online, you’ll probably notice that it costs a little bit more than other smart drugs. However, since the maximum recommended dosage is so small – and the potency so strong – it still provides a good price/performance ratio in comparison to other smart drugs.

Sunifiram Side Effects

Possible side effects of Sunifiram are headaches, restless, nausea, and sweating. Many people only experience these side effects when Sunifiram is wearing off.

If you’re consistently getting headaches while taking Sunifiram, consider stacking it with a choline supplement. Choline supplements are non-toxic nootropics which provide the fuel your brain needs to produce acetylcholine. When supplements like Sunifiram can’t access this fuel, you tend to get a headache.

Ultimately, since Sunifiram is such a new smart drug, it can have a diverse range of effects on different people. Always consult your doctor before taking Sunifiram. Of course, since it contains stimulants, you should also avoid taking Sunifiram if you have existing heart conditions or liver problems.

Buy Sunifiram Supplements Online

Most retail stores do not currently carry Sunifiram, so you’ll most likely have to order it online. There are dozens of reputable online retailers which carry Sunifiram. Look for the usual certification symbols and secure ordering forms you would look for when shopping for anything online. Ultimately, shopping for smart drugs online is cheaper, faster, and more convenient than getting them anywhere else.

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